22 October, 2011

Latinos in Action

The LIA (Latinos in Action) class is being held in my classroom on my prep. It's a pretty good class, and I kind of wish I taught it.

With that in mind, my children are a quarter Latino (I know, it's hard to believe), and here is a photo dump of about half of my summer photo faves of my active kids. I might have to do another post like this to actually clean out my "to blog" folder.

This is just an excuse to post pictures of my kids, whom I think are really cute, but you might not share my sentiments, so go ahead and look, or not.

Checking out the Leland Mill.

At the Payson Salmon Supper

Provo Bicentennial Park

The view as I sit at the computer (glass tabletop).

Babysitting Group - we keep Papa busy. Get in line!

Our first attempt at geocaching. Thistle Ruins.

Found it!!

Swimming lessons

A usual morning.

Pretty, evening light

My second attempt at double-exposing a roll of film. It's harder than it sounds.


An interesting tree

I took these several months ago, and I will not take any more photos on rail road tracks. But, he was listening to see if a train was coming, and it was! So we left.

A really oldy moldy, expired roll of B&W film.