02 October, 2011

The Water Nymph

I totally forgot these two pictures when I posted! I thought this post didn't feel complete.

And this is Jessi, who I met at the swimming pool, and asked if I could take a picture of her awesome red hair, so I could make it look like she was swimming in my icky pond.


The Gatherer

Hey, Amanda, your dress looks lovely by that green water....

How about you crawl out onto that log....

But, if you fall into the water, I'm taking a picture!

Watch out for that barbed wire when you get out....oops....

And, now you might need a tetanus booster....my bad.

This water was really gross. Amanda's boots got stuck in the muck and she couldn't get out. The water was so thick that spiders were crawling on top of it. Then, she cut her hand and legs on the barbed wire and I was no help getting her out....all the while she was barefoot, and she even brought me a watermelon later that night. Really, she's a saint.