16 April, 2011

Film - Roll 1

My brother was an award-winning photographer in high school. But since we didn't hang out much, I thought photography was pretty lame. In fact, I never owned a camera until my mission to Japan, and even then I considered not buying one. But luckily, I gave in and forked over an entire $50 on my first camera at the BYU bookstore before I left (meaning I paid $50 for a $25 camera).

So, recently I asked my brother if I could borrow his film camera (a Nikon N80), and he obliged and also sent me five rolls of five-year-old expired film. This is what I got from the first roll of film I've shot in over ten years.

This one was taken at 1/20 of a second shutter speed, f2.8, hand held, and I thought for sure it was ruined. It's amazingly clear.

This is my first attempt at a double exposure, which can be done in-camera. Who knew? I'll try this again.

The Mi Rancherito-bito (Japanese for Mi Rancherito people) where I moonlight as una mesera.

Senora Rancherito


jon plummer July 1, 2011 at 12:56 PM  

Hey, We are in CO on vacation and I've got some time for once so I'm doing a little "Blog Catch up" and just saw this post. Happy to see your first roll of film looks great as ususal. Glad you tried the double exposure feature. I think I only tried it once.