18 September, 2011

brief post about eyes

There is a metaphor that I sense, but that is just beyond my grasp, in *the eyes*. Have you ever thought about how you'd explain sight to a blind person? It almost sounds like magic . . . . "you can't see it or smell it or touch it or hear it, you just perceive it with these magical orbs attached to your face." There is something majestically mysterious and metaphorically rich about the eyes. When I have a little baby in my arms, and I look in her eyes and I see my own reflection perfectly and clearly, I think there MUST be a metaphor there that is not the obvious one, like duh, she looks like me. It must somehow be linked to a universal truth, and I feel like it is there screaming at me, and I'm just not getting it.

It's really hard to get a good photo of a reflection of yourself in someone else's eyes, but that's me in there!

(I edited this post three times because I am inherently unable to say anything controversial, which I why I haven't kept up my personal blog. I realize this isn't an appropriate venue for some of the things I want to say.)


Isabella September 18, 2011 at 9:46 PM  

You explained yourself so eloquently. I agree with your statements about energy. I had a friend once say to me, rather defensively, " so you would be willing to drive less and change your whole life based on having less oil?!" when I said that yes, I would, she accused me of not being realistic. I replied that my life choices are made based on this value: I live in an old "recycled home", I chose to live within walking distance of stores, schools, churches, etc, I buy locally as much as possible, and so on. I value simplicity. I really appreciated your thoughts about greed and concur. I love hearing other people's opinions so keep on sharing!